Sunday, October 31, 2010

*HWI* Presents "(S)entient (S)unday(s)"™ :: "Premieres Media"

Please Note: There have been times when "Sentient Sunday(s),"™ for the day, have run into a "series" of posts. Today, in Thee Spirit of The "T's," namely - Transmute, Transcend, Transmit, Transit(ion), Travel, Tenacity, "Tuesdays," "Take Two," "Trick Our Treat," just to name a few, We "combine," for The "Feature(d) Attraction." For those whom desire to "Rock" With A Little "Restoration," please "see," As Above, Sow..."Below."

**(P)lease (S)ee alternate if the Above is unavailable (??) :: click here and/or here. If this is not resolved shortly, We will let the "Above," continue to do the "talking," and hold the "Frequency Pure To Grow." Intended Video Entitled "Dance of Creation - Death To Life." (Google-able) Side Note - Video Was "Play-Able" At Time of Post. Shall The Above Continue To Be Dark, We shall refer "back" to Wise Counsel, and begin to sing..."You Picked A Fine Time To 'Teach' Us Lucille" as "Live" examples contain value from beyond the beyond.


Video Create: Bryan.

"Restoration Rocks."™

Saturday, October 30, 2010

*HWI* Presents :: "Lucille Walker - 'LW 101'"

Center Stage, Totally "Flashing Her Dash"™ and "C-e-l-l-e-b-r-a-t-i-n-g Everything"™...


"Happy Birthday Lucille!"

"You picked a 'fine time' to join us Lucille." Of the "Things" We "Know," with certainty, One is this: (A)bsolutely (A)ny Time You "Pick" has been, is, and always will Be ~ P-e-r-f-e-c-t.

WE are doing our "absolute" best NOT to place the "Twisted Sister" video, Your *HWI* dedicated Birthday "song," (featured below) above Your photo(s). For, sure enough, YOU, are simply, "Center Stage." Not sure what else to say?! You're just bringing that Spirit out in us. You have simply flowered in fragrance, galloped in grace, transcended tenaciously and exuded valiant victory. Now All "We Wanna Do" is "R-o-c-k," in honor of You, and quite frankly, have no other ideas how to do it, but just repeat it, over and over and over and over!! You get the idea!

This is not your average "101!!"

Last year, approximately late Sept., early Oct. 2009, we received word, at our corporate offices, that the doctors told You and Your family that You, the one and only "LW," had an estimated 3 weeks left on this glorious planet we refer to as "Earth" and placed You in (a) "hospice." "Pallleeeezzz." We know that is what You were/are thinkin.' You are a testament to all testaments, "new" or "old!" We "estimate" Your perseverance, in the perfect combination of both prowess and power, to be right at 386 days, plus, of course, 36,500, but who is counting? One may choose such, for "strength in numbers" only. By combining the two, we do get a nice "resonance" with the additional equating to "386," and the total equating to "36,886." Well done! Way to bust outta those "doors."

Lucille Walker, born October 30th, 1909. Today She is 101. Lucille went to Beauty College graduating as a Beautician. She was a professional woman, and an entrepreneur. She owned and operated the most popular Beauty Salon in the Valley, Twin Falls area of Idaho, and was a charter member of the Business and Professional Women (BPW). Lucille loves Her friends and clients from Her Professional years, loves Her Gardening, and her Family. She has always had a mind of Her own, and was focused upon overall health and natural remedies Her entire life. Way to own "it!" It is crystal clear why You are still here, to celebrate, to hold sacred, to cheer and to mark another triumphant year.

(The following paragraph is a duplication of last year's post in honor of your ability to transcend t-i-m-e and absolutely amaze)

Celebrating the space and grace to flow in the JOY, LOVE and LIFE that is ALL around and may blessing abound on this day, and every day forward. Today, we celebrate, in grace and reverence, that which is beautiful and Divine, represented and reflected in one glorious woman and her family to whom She IS such a Bright LIGHT, and the "sparks" that infiltrate the Universe by and due to Her PRESENCE and EXAMPLE! Lucille has always been an independent thinker, and is a remarkable woman who was never swayed by what the "rest" of the world was doing, did not participate in prescription drugs, and is a testament to good, solid health practices, and overall well-Be-ing of Mind, Body and Spirit.

NOW, *that's* Hot!

Thank You for Your (L)ove, (W)isdom and Exemplification thereof! Thank you, also, to the entire Walker Family for allowing us this privilege.


This "Song" is especially for You, "LW," for You are the definition of "Rock!" We hereby Divinate "It" ~ Sacred! We have previously referred to "It" as "Infinite Technologies," a(nd) Play "On" "Internet Technologies" with "Inner-net Technologies," All of "which," You have masterfully engaged both on, and in, "well" into Thee 21st "Century."

Come on, Lucille, join us as we "Sing!" We Love It!

(Please note: The following video presentation does include one instance involving the combination of two words considered to some as "profane," and may not be agreeable to and with all viewers. The word "Profane" "La-t-in" derivation = outside the temple. We were not aware, are not aware, that anything exists as such. "Viewer discretion advised.")

*HWI* Corporate and extended travel with You, Now and All-Ways, In Respect, Honor and Love, As Above, "Sow..."

**PS - For any visiting us for first time today, you will find that bold, colored words tend to be "linked" and "clickable." In reference to "Flash(ing) Your Dash,"™ and it's meaning, more info in re: to available here. The rest we hope and trust are somewhat Self explanatory.

Monday, October 18, 2010

*HWI* Presents "(M)onday's (M)usical (I)nterlude"™ :: "Moon 'n Water"

Sunday, October 17, 2010

*HWI* Presents "12 at 12"™ :: "Birthday(s)"

(Please note: "12 at 12" has requested an earlier 'arrival' this week. Re-quest: (a)-proved and/or (a)'z.)

In our ongoing series of "12" new quotes every Monday at 12:00 a.m. PST.
"Topic" : "Birthday(s)"
  1. "Plant the seeds of Love in your hearts. Let them grow into trees of Service and shower the sweet fruit of Ananda. Share the Ananda with all. That is the proper way to celebrate the Birthday." ~ Sri Sathya Sai Baba
  2. "Last week the candle factory burned down. Everyone just stood around and sang Happy Birthday." ~ Stephen Wright
  3. "We are born to inquire into truth; it belongs to a greater to possess it." ~ Michel de Montaigne
  4. "Very early, I knew that the only object in life was to grow." ~ Margaret Fuller
  5. "The older the fiddler, the sweeter the tune." ~ Pope Paul VI
  6. "...And I'm sure you will agree ~ It couldn't fit more perfectly ~Than to have a world party on the day you came to be..." ~ Stevie Wonder
  7. "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." ~ Abraham Lincoln
  8. "It takes a long time to grow young." ~ Pablo Picasso
  9. "May you live to be 100 and may the last voice you hear be mine." ~ Frank Sinatra
  10. "The day seems to come but once a year, but every day dost Thou seek to make it crystal clear, so Thou May'est see through this glass, that these eyes, 'C' You (a)(s), top of the class, and *1* bad a-*-*." Bad, as in good, a-c-t! Alas, behind this sunglass, dost Thou sync Thee wink, and above Thee water dost Thou seek, to keep this 'quote,' from sink, beyond Thee brink, and with this sparkling drink, wish a very Happy Birthday to You, 'n You, Inc. Thank You *4* who You 'r'. Thank You for launching so far, into Thee heart, and cheer to Thee blazing start, destined (ii) Be set apart, and positioned like the finest, of Thee fine art. Thou art, pure delight, amidst this 'galleries' spotlight. You hold Thee place well, for it is in front of You, that the crowd always seems to both dwell and swell, as they gaze in amaze, at the way You dance through Your days." ~ "Z"
  11. "It is not more surprising to be born twice than once; everything in nature is resurrection." ~ Voltaire
  12. "Fly free and happy beyond birthdays and across forever, and we'll meet now and then when we wish, in the midst of the one celebration that never can end." ~ Richard Bach
"1," "ii," Infinity.

*HWI* Presents "(S)entient (S)unday(s)"™ :: "The Warrior's Prayer - Stuart Wilde"

We are not in the habit of "(T)aking (T)wo" on Sunday's, but alas, It *IS* (a) new day, and with that, A-l-l new vistas have opened, *UP!!* ((U)niversal (P)resence)

"Everybody has to be reminded that there's another way to be. Another more mysterious, unpredictable way to be that's not necessarily based upon contrivances." ~ Stanley Crouch

"It was unpredictable, good storytelling that brought you back each week." ~ Ted Shackelford

Obviously and Apparently...

Some *x's* "1" just m-u-s-t "(T)ake (T)wo."

Saturday, October 16, 2010

*HWI* Presents "Due To 'Unforseen' 'Circumstances'"

“I criticize by creation, not by finding fault.” ~ Cicero


(Again, please note, this is Eminem, and We are hereby providing a 'lyrical' heads up)

Thank you Grant, for playin' this yesterday. Timing = Perfect.

Best Ever Version (not embeddable) here

**P.S. - Of course Jack, this One is Soo For You. Thank you for your Beautiful Off-Spring. FYI, A "certain" One We know of, Rocks The Planet, and has only just "bought her first r-e-a-l six string." Can You I-m-a-g-i-n-e!!?? We can, do and have, well, since about 12-4-08, if not prior.

*HWI* Presents "(S)ynergistic (S)aturday(s)"™ :: "Grant Cardone"

"Synergistic Saturday(s)" is a weekly feature whose Soul (sole) purpose is to highlight companies we are working with now, will in the future, are aligned with, support the actions and endeavors of, or whom have integrated with us in some other fashion. We are ecstatic to feature them here.

Grant Cardone is an International Sales Expert, Sales Trainer, Sales Motivational Speaker and NY Times best selling Author, whose programs have positively affected hundreds of thousands of people, and organizations worldwide.

A regular contributor on Fox & Friends, Grant Cardone has also been covered on CNBC, CNN, the Wall Street Journal and over 700 radio shows nationwide.

Grant's unique, common-sense approach is practical and solution-oriented. His humor, wit and infectious energy allow him to connect with any audience, which has people saying he is the next “Tom Hopkins / Brian Tracy for the 21st Century.”

With his core tenets built on the basics, Grant believes that a company succeeds only through selling and that even the family unit relies on selling to improve their station in life.

Thanks for hammerin,' not stammerin,' Grant.

Friday, October 15, 2010

*HWI* Presents "(F)requency (F)riday(s)"™ :: "Eminem"

"I want to solidify as an artist and show that as I grow as a person and make mistakes and learn from them, I'm going to grow artistically." ~ Eminem

"Sometimes I feel like rap music is almost the key to stopping racism." ~ Eminem


Some *x's* "1" just m-u-s-t "(T)ake (T)wo."

**Attn: Following Video may be considered "Rated PG," as well as contain a few lyrical chords that might prove offensive to some viewers. "Not afraid to take a stand...We'll walk this road together."

"TGIF" ~ "(T)hank '(G)od' *4* (I)nfinite (F)req-'when'C-Z."

Thursday, October 14, 2010

*HWI* Presents "Celebrating 888"

"The most difficult part of attaining perfection is finding something to do for an encore." ~ Author Unknown

*HWI* Presents "(T)ranscendent (T)hursday(s)"™ :: "Intuition"

Today's post inspired by the reading of an article stating that 7% of "babies" and 92% of "toddlers" have some sort of an online presence. Upon glancing to the right of said article, the below "ad," with the unimaginably used and coined term 'intuniv,' was dis-played. We are not going to reference any particular site in this case, as we are unable to determine, at this moment, exactly where the ad was posted. We are cognizant of the potential implications of such an ad appearing on one's site.

**Scratch that. We have found it and it is accessible here. 'Ads' rotate, and it, may or may not be featured, as you land.

We will let the rest of
this post do the "talking."

Intuition - noun (Source)
1. direct perception of truth, fact, etc., independent of any reasoning process; immediate apprehension.
2. a fact, truth, etc., perceived in this way.
3. a keen and quick insight.
4. the quality or ability of having such direct perception or quick insight.
5. Philosophy:
a. an immediate cognition of an object not inferred or determined by a previous
cognition of the same object.
b. any object or truth so discerned.
c. pure, untaught, noninferential knowledge.

"I have my faults, but changing my tune is not one of them." ~ Samuel Beckett

"Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven." ~ Henry Ward Beecher

"It is easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequence
of dodging our responsibilities." ~ Josiah Charles Stamp

Shire?? "To Be Brave As The People We Help"

"It is easy to be brave from a safe distance." ~ Aesop

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

*HWI* Presents "(W)ednesday(s) (W)onder(s)"™ :: "Virgin's - SpaceShipTwo"

"The world’s first commercial manned spaceship, VSS Enterprise, which is being developed by US space tourism company Virgin Galactic, achieved its first piloted free flight on 10th October 2010 in Mojave CA.

Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, who was present to witness the flight later described it as “one of the most exciting days in the whole history of Virgin.” He went on to say: “The sky is no longer the limit. We will now begin the process of pushing to the final frontier of space itself over the next year”.

Having been released from its WhiteKnightTwo mothership, at 45,000ft (13,700m), the spaceship glided to a safe landing 11 minutes later at Mojave Air and Space Port." (Source)

*HWI* to Richard: "Not ALL Posts Are Created Equal." We could say more, and yet, at "present," are struggling to not use "expletives!!" Please note: As such, We are also not in agreement with the dictionary, in that their definition implies that using such "does not add or contribute any meaning." Quite the contrary. It is known that some words roll off the tongue, and, well, some you just want to savor. Our words, in terms of VMS Eve's "First Flight," fall in that category.

Ok, we got it. Here's what We want to say: "Not A-l-l- Virgin's Are Created Equal!!" Thank You, Sir!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

*HWI* Presents "Hello 'Rumi' Tuesdays"™ :: "Only Breath"


(*4* full x'planation of "TGIT," please see it's 'birth' post on 02.23.2010 = *2* + *5* + *3*= "10" = *1* here.)

Monday, October 11, 2010

*HWI* Presents "12 at 12"™ : "Angelina Jolie"

In our ongoing series of "12" new quotes every Monday at 12:00 a.m. PST. *♥*
"Author" : "Angelina"
  1. "All women do have a different sense of sexuality, or sense of fun, or sense of like what's sexy or cool or tough. "
  2. "I don't see myself as beautiful, because I can see a lot of flaws. People have really odd opinions. They tell me I'm skinny, as if that's supposed to make me happy."
  3. "I don't think the money people in Hollywood have ever thought I was normal, but I am dedicated to my work and that's what counts."
  4. "I never felt settled or calm. You can't really commit to life when you feel that."
  5. "If you ask people what they've always wanted to do, most people haven't done it. That breaks my heart."
  6. "I seem to be getting a lot of things pushed my way that are strong women. It's like people see Hackers and they send me offers to play tough women with guns, the kind who wear no bra and a little tank top. I'd like to play strong women who are also very feminine."
  7. "I'd like to believe that the people that have supported me in my work or identified with me in films, the people that feel they know me, they do and they don't have misconceptions - they understand. I believe that."
  8. "I've realized that being happy is a choice. You never want to rub anybody the wrong way or not be fun to be around, but you have to be happy. When I get logical and I don't trust my instincts - Thats when I get in trouble."
  9. "If I make a fool of myself, who cares? I'm not frightened by anyone's perception of me."
  10. "I've been reckless, but I'm not a rebel without a cause."
  11. "I love to put on lotion. Sometimes I'll watch TV and go into a lotion trance for an hour. I try to find brands that don't taste bad in case anyone wants to taste me."
  12. "I'm getting a wrinkle above my eyebrow because I just can't stop lifting it, and I love that you know."
"1," "ii," Infinity.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

*HWI* Presents "(S)entient (S)unday(s)"™ :: "(A) 'P-e-r-f-e-c-t' '10,' *4*..."

Image: Source - Joel Faber. We love your images Joel. Incredible Create.

“Music is intended and designed for sentient beings that have hopes and purposes and emotions.” ~ Jacques Barzun

Friday, October 08, 2010

*HWI* Presents "(F)requency (F)riday(s)"™ :: "DKB"

Today, "HWI" honors and acknowledges the passing of one (or two) of The Hottest Women E-v-e-r to Grace This Planet. And thus, we are, today, C-e-ll-e-b-r-a-t--i-n-g Everything, to include A-l-l Beauty, Seen, Heard, Smelled, Tasted, Sensed, Perceived, Imagined, "On," and/or 'n any other way, Known.

"All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother." ~ Abraham Lincoln

"My mother is a poem I'll never be able to write, though everything I write is a poem to my mother." ~ Sharon Doubiago

For it was on this day, that you made your way, to the place, where there is only grace. Grace for who are, how you walk, how you talk, how you speak, how you seek, sought and fought to grace, our short, yet powerful, earthly embrace. There is grace in your triumphant pace. Grace for the smile on your face, one not so easy to replace, but one which always lit and lights up the place. This "little" one holds sacred space for that gentle embrace, that so dynamically, almightily and effectually began Thee reverent race. As You Walk in Fields of Gold, I know You know the space and place you will always hold. Did we break the mold? Behold, Pure.

How could it be that 10+ years prior to "it's" inception, that you chose the month that would come to signify what we now transcend? Nice 'n~sight!

Some *x's* "1" just m-u-s-t "(T)ake (T)wo," and... Some *x's* "1" just m-u-s-t...

"TGIF" ~ "(T)hank '(G)od' *4* (I)nfinite (F)req-'when'C-Z."

And so It *IS* ~ This "1" and every other "1" is dedicated to you. With love and adoration, your daughter.

Nov. 4, 1942 "dash" Oct. 8, 1970

Thank you for your "dash!" "Little Line" = Way Beyond "Priceless!!"

TFTD (Thought For The Day) = "Flash Y(our) Dash!!"™ (Daring, Authentic Super-Hero)

**PS - Eva, Thank you The "Flash In Your Dash!" A Brilliant "33."

Thursday, October 07, 2010

*HWI* Presents "(T)ranscendent (T)hursday(s)"™ :: "There's A Fire"

"There's (A) Fire (Burning) I'n My Eyes" ("It" Should Come (A)(s) No Surprise)

Even the impossible can be done

because i believe it can
the toughest challenge can be won
because i am a fighting man
...theres a
fire burning in my eyes
because i'm after the prize.

Anything far-fetched can be achieved
yes, it can be done
because in truth i believe
that i am the right one
but thats no surprize,

cause' theres a
fire burning in
my eyes

Anything unlikely can be overcome
in an hour of darkness
even though there exists some
who think the situation is hopeless
but my spirit never dies,
because there is a
fire burning in my eyes

heart is ablaze
with the flame of triumph
my soul alight
with this fire of success
an eternal inferno
rages wthin me
and when you peer into my eyes
then you will see
the fire burninig within.

fire burning within my eyes.

Allen Steble

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

*HWI* Presents "(W)ednesday(s) (W)onder(s)"™ - "Hello"

Was driving with a friend today, in the most beautiful and nourishing rain ever, whom began to tell me about her son. She began at a point where he was 10 and was not doing so hot in school. She set him up with a woman whose passion and interest was in helping such kids. This "interested" woman helped fan the spark for a dream in him, and he began to work towards attendance to a particular outreach program for youth leadership. He worked three weeks straight when no other children were willing to do such. He worked his way to this leadership event, which was held on ship in The Caribbean.

One of the women who was teaching there, told the kids that, if everyone in the world would just say "Hi" to at least one person a day, the whole "emotional tone" of the world would change.

The part of the story that sticks with me is this: When my friend picked up her son from this trip, they went to the supermarket. As soon as he got out of the car, he began to yell across the parking lot, "Hello," "Hi," to whomever he saw, no matter how far away they were. She asked him what he was doing? His response: "I am changing the world." So great.

Today's post is in honor of that simple and profound level of (u)nderstanding, (i)mplementation and (i)nnocence = uii = U2 - "In The Name of Love" = Let's Do This!

**PS - It was on this initial trip he was able to take where he met a young girl named Kailee. Eight and a half years later they are now engaged.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

*HWI* Presents "Hello 'Rumi' Tuesdays"™

In Our ongoing Weekly Series, We Present: "Hello 'Rumi' Tuesdays..."

"Because of Love I have become the Giver of Light." ~ Rumi


(*4* full x'planation of "TGIT," please see it's 'birth' post on 02.23.2010 = *2* + *5* + *3*= "10" = *1* here.)

Monday, October 04, 2010

*HWI* Presents "12 at 12" :: "Victor Hugo"

In our ongoing series of "12" new quotes every Monday at 12:00 a.m. PST. *♥*
"Author" : "Hugo"
  1. "Curiosity is one of the forms of feminine bravery."
  2. "Genius is a promontory jutting out into the infinite."
  3. "There is one spectacle grander than the sea, that is the sky; there is one spectacle grander than the sky, that is the interior of the soul."
  4. "I met in the street a very poor young man who was in love. His hat was old, his coat worn, his cloak was out at the elbows, the water passed through his shoes, - and the stars through his soul."
  5. "It is nothing to die. It is frightful not to live."
  6. "Life is the flower for which love is the honey."
  7. "Love is a portion of the soul itself, and it is of the same nature as the celestial breathing of the atmosphere of paradise."
  8. "Nature has made a pebble and a female. The lapidary makes the diamond, and the lover makes the woman."
  9. "No one knows like a woman how to say things which are at once gentle and deep."
  10. "Son, brother, father, lover, friend. There is room in the heart for all the affections, as there is room in heaven for all the stars."
  11. "The power of a glance. It is in this way that love begins, and in this way only. Nothing is more real than these great shocks which two souls give each other in exchanging this spark."
  12. "How did it happen that their lips came together? How does it happen that birds sing, that snow melts, that the rose unfolds, that the dawn whitens behind the stark shapes of trees on the quivering summit of the hill? A kiss, and all was said."
"1," "ii," Infinity.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

*HWI* Presents "Sentient Sundays" :: "Terence McKenna"

Saturday, October 02, 2010

*HWI* Presents "Synergistic Saturdays" :: "Annie Jennings PR"

This new weekly feature is meant to highlight companies we are working with now, will in the future, are aligned with, support the actions and endeavors of or whom have integrated with us in some other fashion. We are ecstatic to feature them here.

Annie Jennings PR is a Strategic Marketing & Publicity firm that offers advanced branding, publicity, marketing, promotion, book promotion and book publicity services to experts and analysts who would like to showcase their expertise via the media. Clients include Media Personalities, Celebrities, CEO's and C-Suite executives who want to stay visible to their customers, clients and shareholders by being seen and heard in the media commenting on socially relevant issues of the day. Annie Jennings PR also works with authors who wish to share their message with millions using Radio, TV, Internet & Print media.. Annie Jennings PR books experts, analysts, CEO's, executives and authors on the major media everyday. Annie Jennings PR is famous for book promotion, book publicity and book marketing as well as for expert and analyst media placement in the highest ranked media outlets in the country.

We continue to be utterly impressed by Annie and her organization.

Friday, October 01, 2010

*HWI* Presents "(F)requency (F)riday(s)" :: "John Mayer"

:: “Life is like a box of crayons. Most people are the 8-color boxes, but what you're really looking for are the 64-color boxes with the sharpeners on the back. I fancy myself to be a 64-color box, though I've got a few missing. It's ok though, because I've got some more vibrant colors like periwinkle at my disposal. I have a bit of a problem though in that I can only meet the 8-color boxes. Does anyone else have that problem? I mean there are so many different colors of life, of feeling, of articulation.. so when I meet someone who's an 8-color type.. I'm like, "hey girl, magenta!" and she's like, "oh, you mean purple!" and she goes off on her purple thing, and I'm like, "no - I want magenta!" ~ John Mayer

:: “Sometimes I wish that I was the weather, you'd bring me up in conversation forever. And when it rained, I'd be the talk of the day.” ~ John Mayer


Some *x's* "1" just m-u-s-t "(T)ake (T)wo."

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